Ainos Event - Microsoft Copilot: Innovate Business Operations with AI

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Intro: Dive into an electrifying journey as we kick off our event!

MS Copilot & GenAI Overview: Discover the magic behind Copilot and GenAI.

Business Cases Demo: Witness real-world scenarios where Copilot shines:
 - Customer Service: From pain points to solutions, see how Copilot transforms the game.
 - Sales: Explore Copilot’s impact on sales strategies and customer engagement.

Overview of Copilot Studio:
Capabilities: Unleash your creativity with Copilot Studio’s powerful features.
Use Cases: Learn how Copilot Studio can revolutionize your workflows.
Demo: Watch us create a simple Copilot in action.
Roadmap: Peek into the exciting future of Copilot Studio.

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Q&A: Bring your burning questions, and let’s ignite the conversation!