Date de publication : 25.01.2021

Power Platform Advisor #2 - Gaëtan Karre

My Power Platform Fav’: Power Automate

A few words on Power Platform :

Power Platform empowers business users to ease their daily tasks by becoming more autonomous in regards to IT resources. The platform is oriented for citizen development and offers a way for users to create easily workflows, forms, dashboards… The platform is a great tool for advanced users wanting to improve and automate their daily tasks without having the need to involve the IT.

As a result, this will release some pressure on the IT teams, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on core business development.

My mission :

As a solution architect, my main role is to guide and train business users in the good way of using Power Platform! 

As a No-Code solution, this platform has its own limits. Indeed, a good training and some advices are benefic for the users to help them in their Power Platform journey.

My goal is to build an approach based on business outcomes and I avoid playing with the technology only for its funny side. For instance, it is important not to automate too much a process,  otherwise, it will lose its flexibility and its capability to evolve quickly.

Therefore, users need to be guided through their Power Platform journey and I’m humbled to help them in their efforts.