Categorie : Expertise
Date de publication : 22.04.2020

Dynamics 365 Sales App 2020 wave 1 release notes

Release notes for Dynamics 365 Customer engagement are available. In the 2020 wave 1 release, Microsoft adds lot of nice features with great business value.
Of course I could not miss this occasion to read them thoroughly. In this article I focus on the Sales apps which will propose good surprises for next April release.

Enhanced experience for adding products

Business value

Dynamics 365 Sales holds a vast amount of customer information that feeds into pipeline management, product procurement, and overall sales tracking.

In the 2020 wave 1 release, Microsoft simplifies and expedites matching products to opportunities, reducing friction and motivating sellers. With this feature, seller can add products quickly and intuitively, with minimal effort.


  • Look up products directly from the catalog: Search and find products based on free text across name and description columns within the Product entity. Filter products based on product family or predefined views to simplify and expedite finding the right product.
  • Explore product details inline and compare products to make an informed selection: View additional information for each product before selecting it.
  • Add multiple products at once: Select multiple products at the same time to save time and increase productivity.

Manage activities with ease

Business value

Working collaboratively on opportunities and leads means there are tasks that must be completed by multiple team members. Creating new tasks, assigning these tasks, and completing them is critical to the overall success of customer engagements. Activity management in Dynamics 365 Sales provides an efficient way to manage and assign tasks across the team to ensure harmony.

Feature details

  • Find activities quickly: View activities listed in a newly improved grid. Benefit from a newer interface for managing and filtering activities to help quickly find the right activity to work on.
  • Navigate activities easily: Simplified process to create new activity, edit existing activity, complete or delete an activity without having to navigate away from the main page.
  • Update activities intuitively: Use drag-and-drop pipeline management with a Kanban board to drag and drop activities and instantly update the status. Ideal for managing many activities.
  • Benefit from Calendar view: See all activities in a visualized calendar view to easily get a clear understanding of daily to-dos.

Save standardized PDF documents to Dynamics 365 Sales or Microsoft SharePoint

Business value

Over the last few months, Dynamics 365 Sales made it easier for sellers to create and email standard PDF documents based on quotes and other entity records. To make it even easier to collaborate on these PDF-generated documents, Microsoft is introducing the ability to save the PDF directly in Dynamics 365 Sales as a Notes attachment or in Microsoft SharePoint.

Understand forecasts with precision pipeline management

Business value

A forecast can contain a lot of information and in some cases, a deep hierarchy. Often, the organization’s forecast and opportunities are disjointed. Sellers and sales managers need to understand where forecast values are coming from in order to introduce necessary changes that can help to resolve these gaps.

Feature details

  • Benefit from a responsive forecast grid with visual cues: Enable visual representation of the whole forecast hierarchy and quota attainment in each cell, directly from the grid.
  • Edit participating records inline: View and edit underlying opportunities for any calculated metric to instantly modify the forecast.
  • Manage pipeline and visualization: Easily manage and update the full forecast with the drag-and-drop feature to move opportunities across different stages, to instantly update forecast data.
  • Benefit from near real-time updates: Enjoy automatic recalculation of forecast values to ensure data is always as fresh as possible.

Work with opportunities in the Kanban view

Business value

Microsoft is actively listening to his customers to learn from them about how they can make Dynamics 365 Sales better, easier, and more efficient. Dynamics 365 Sales aims to help sellers develop deeper relationships and improve their productivity.

As part of their commitment to make Dynamics 365 Sales better, they are continually introducing enhancements that remove unnecessary friction and make experiences easier to use.