Category : Microsoft
Publication Date : 21.04.2021

Your company's digitalization with Dynamics Marketing

Context :

Communication is an essential point in the development of a company. Whether it is from an economical point of view, to attract customers’ interest (generate prospects, ..) or from an identity point of view, to promote its services and entertain the relationship with its customers in the best way.

However, to answer to that need, the services dedicated to marketing and to communication aren’t the most optimized. It can be explained by a strong demand in other services or by non-optimized processes put in place.

Solution :

This is where Dynamics Marketing comes in place and answers the following: Optimizes the management of communications in a company

  • Formats data from mailings and forms generated by the application

  • Allows a better follow-up and customer relationship

  • Improves its impact on contacts thanks to Dynamics Marketing’s insight engine who allows to get analyses on the marketing analyses.

  • Improves the company’s productivity.

Ainos is your partner to digitalize and accelerate your marketing and communication services by following you during the implementation of this tool for your marketers, starting by setting up your application in your company’s environment, creating workshops, to understand your work methods and match them with D365 marketing.

Our goal is to guide you in this digitalization process and to allow your users to be autonomous and to master it.

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Written by Estelle Fremaux, Head of Microsoft Business Applications and Tomy Bien, Analyst Developer