Publication Date : 09.09.2020

Power Platform Advisor #1 - Cléa Durand

My Power Platform Fav’:

Power Apps & Power BI

Few words about Power Platform :

I really believe that Power Platform and Azure are the perfect balance between:

  • Low code and advanced customization options
  • Limited resources and quick wins
  • Business needs and technical requirements

Even with more modern development methodologies based on the Agile approach, a significant amount of time can pass, with several IT resources on-board, before the first minimum viable product (MVP) is delivered to users.

With Power Platform, you can quickly create a first usable version of an app, draft a dedicated dashboard, launch an automation process or organize and share information thanks to a BOT.

Then you can experience them very easily and early in the design process to propose a project/a vision, collect feedbacks and if new requirements arise, imagine new features or improve the global picture of your project, without spending too much time and money.

The next version comes very fast and the incremental working is very efficient until the deployment of your new digital processes.

Power Platform helps you convert your ideas into a fully working solution, also based on its “out-of-the-box” features (mobility, data consolidation & sharing, user experience, security,…) and without consuming a lot of IT resources.

My mission :

Guide you in your Power Platform journey!

I’ll be at your side to identify some business processes which could be optimized/digitalized in your organization, define your goals, create a project plan based on Power Platform, design your solution and help the project team for organizing the delivery.