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Publication Date : 15.09.2021

Power BI: Summer updates review

Since Microsoft released the Power BI solution for data visualization and preparation, the company keeps improving the product every month with new features.

Those updates ideas are coming whether from the Microsoft teams or directly from the user community with a great system of suggestion and votes:

As a Microsoft partner company, we follow and exchange about those releases every month. Today we wanted to share with you a bit of our expertise by wrapping up highlights of the last months release.

Welcome in the first seasonal review of power BI upgrades !

The Top Releases

Paginated reports visual (June 2021)

This is probably the most exciting release of this summer season. This visual is now available as a public preview and it gives us the possibility to embed a paginated report into a power BI dashboard and make it sensitive to each other filters.

This a great step into your data story telling process.

Discover further about this feature here :

Dataset discoverability and access requests (June 2021)

This new feature allows a dataset owner to certify the trustworthiness of a dataset to data consumers. The final goal of this is to make it discoverable and accessible (by authorization) to final users and analyst so that they will not have to duplicate those data in a new dataset anymore. This centralization is now easing dataset access request and could be the entry point of your master data management strategy.

Discover further about this feature here:

Small multiples General availability (July 2021)

This visual introduced in preview mode in December 2020 allows you to create smaller versions of a visual by splitting it into categories. This functionality is available for several kind of chart like bar, column, line, and area charts.

Discover further about this feature here:

Power Automate visual preview mode (July 2021)

This visual allows us to act on a power automate workflow right after consulting our KPI without leaving the dashboard.

This feature is an example of the Microsoft strategy willing to increase the synergy of power platform applications. We are now hoping for new features of this kind in the next months.

Discover further about this feature here:

Automate deployments with new APIs (June 2021)

Power Bi pipelines is a useful tool to automatize our BI contents. This functionality is available for a while now. But since the June release, we can now integrate those pipelines in our organizations global automated processes using the Power BI REST APIs.

Discover further about this feature here:

Some graphical adjustments

Some adjustments had been added this summer in the desktop app, here are our highlights:

  • Microsoft released a new Power BI visuals’ store experience within the desktop app
  • We can now adjust manually the area chart transparency
  • Possibility to set the inner padding for continuous axes
  • Ability to customize shape formatting

The connectors

This summer, in additions to many connectors updates and improvement, Power BI extended the list of its available connectors making it more convenient for developers.

  • Amazon Athena
  • BQE Core
  • Assemble Views
  • Automy Data Analytics
  • SumTotal

Sources links

June 2021 update:

July 2021 update:

August 2021 update:

Stay tuned for the next seasonal review in December !