Category : Microsoft
Publication Date : 17.06.2021

Ainos & Elgon rely on Microsoft Cloud for sustainable IT

In the digital age, between exponential energy needs and ever-changing technologies, it becomes essential for companies to consider sustainable development and to include good practices in their operations, particularly in the IT community.

At Elgon and Ainos we are engaged through several initiatives starting with our eco-friendly office, the paperless initiative and our sustainable IT relying on trusted Microsoft Hyper Scale Cloud solutions.

“We believe sustainability is our society’s biggest challenge.” Sébastien Genesca, CEO at Elgon

“Every organization and every person should do more to protect our future.” Kenza Bouzouraa, CEO at Ainos

1. On the way to a greener IT approach!

Our mission is to support our customers' goals; one of them is to reduce their environmental footprint by deploying cloud technologies. Our strategic partner Microsoft committed to be carbon negative by 2030 and this is a huge advance for our customers based in Luxembourg that usually have a PuE higher than Microsoft’s hyper scale data centers.

Relying on Power BI capabilities, Microsoft Sustainability Calculator, helps us measure carbon emission savings. During the last year, we accelerated savings for our clients by migrating their physical servers to the Microsoft cloud platforms: Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform.

It is very important for us to encourage our customers to change the way they operate and to have a bigger impact for the future of our planet.

2. Heating and sustainable, a new combo.

Elgon and Ainos moved in 2020 into an Ecological self-regulated building. This structure allows us to have a better energy governance and to reduce our needs in kWh compared to our former building.

We have reached the energy performance class C and the thermal insulation class B.

In fact, today, 191 kWh are consumed per m²/year in average, but we spend only 135 kWh/m²/year thanks to this new building.

3. Save trees, open OneNote.

Our HR department initiated our Paperless strategy, and this resulted into 85% decrease of printing activities and 30K pages yearly reduction. We applied internally the advice we give our customers while migrating towards Microsoft 365 suite: use OneNote, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint instead of physical paper.

4. Free soft drinks in glass bottles

At Elgon and Ainos, we are conscient that often a great place to work is a place where you can feel comfortable, a second home. That is why we always offered unlimited soft drinks to our employees and our guests. The decision to use glass bottles saved 9000 plastic bottles in 2020.

To conclude, at Elgon and Ainos we respect these new environmental challenges, by adapting the way we operate our business. Relying on a strategic partner like Microsoft give us the opportunity to have a bigger positive impact.