Web Apps

A web application is a tailor-made IT solution designed to fulfil a business need and allow you to manage your company’s activity. It is highly available and accessible anywhere, at any time and from any device, simply from a web-browser and an internet connection.

Client-server technology allows the web-browser to send requests to the web server, which then displays web pages and allows the users to visualise the application directly on line. The web application therefore doesn’t need to be installed on the user workstations, and the updates are automatic. All the calculations and the storage are conducted remotely, which makes the application lighter, and is called a thin-client system. Security is optimised in the way the application is developed and stored.

Ainos has strong experience in the analysis, design and realisation of web solutions.

Our developers can provide you with “Business to Consumer” projects through website design, and “Business to Business” solutions through the development of web applications.

Our team has a step-by-step approach:

Our experts are highly skilled, as demonstrated by their certifications and their many successful projects. They use the following technologies, among others: