Cloud applications

Companies can find it difficult to adapt their current infrastructures to the rapid evolution of the market and the users. It is important for the IT department to be able to react efficiently to perpetually moving situations. Implementing applicative infrastructures in the cloud helps maximise proactiveness through the anticipation of new needs and instant reactions to change.

Cloud services can also help manage costs by quickly adjusting the offer to the demand. It is no longer necessary to supply massive infrastructures in advance, instead it is only important to quickly react to increases or decreases in the use of a service.

This flexibility is made possible by designing agile software solutions that can work as well on one server as on a thousand.

We can offer you our know-how in the area of distributed and highly scaleable applications via Microsoft Azure.

Cloud environnements

Increasingly digitalised systems are leading to more democratic work practices, with teams working all over the world. Highly connected and sometimes mobile teams need to work efficiently in a wide range of different work conditions.

The provision of development/test infrastructures in the Microsoft Azure cloud allows instant, secure and highly available access to a complete environment for all of the team members. The users have a workstation wherever they may be, which is always accessible and based on a simple internet connection.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a platform that lets you host web applications without having to worry about managing the servers, use high-performance applications regardless of the growth of your requirements and ensure their availability for your users.

The solution Microsoft Azure ensures the construction, management and deployment of your cloud applications while also allowing the use of your infrastructures and favourite tools.

We design, implement and migrate full work environments while providing a clear overview of the costs, the high availability and the security of the information.