Digital Transformation - Bots

bot, also called a chatbot or a conversational agent, is a program that simulates a conversation in natural language. It can be integrated into your website or directly accessible on an instant messaging system such as Messenger, Skype or Twitter, or by SMS. The bot’s functioning principle is based on a question /answer library, linked to a semantic analysis and the use of artificial intelligence, which can help it learn and improve its output.

What are the advantages of a bot for your company?

Internal or external bot?

Ainos offers two bot approaches: an “external” use that is oriented towards the customer relationship, and an “internal” use that facilitates various processes within your company.

Bot in a day

Bot in a day

Ainos offers a “Bot in a day” workshop for companies that wish to invest in the latest digital trends. We will create your first bot, with the help of your teams and many discussions and exercises.

Because we know your time is valuable, the workshop is only one day long, which will suffice for the creation of first bot that will be basic but functional, and that can be presented to your colleagues.

This workshop is the perfect starting point for the digital transformation of your company and an innovative customer experience.

  • Select commercial or internal scenarios
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities for your company with your business experts
  • Define a set of features that are suitable for the defined strategy
  • We will build a basic bot that is capable of answering the requests identitfied in the previous steps.

The “bot in a day” workshop is a basis upon which you can build additional features and services in order to perfectly meet your customers’, partners’ and employees’ expectations.