Data Intelligence

In the context of an ever-increasing digitalisation, in which each action generates large volumes of data, it has become extremely important to properly manage this data in order to reap its benefits.
Every day, your company gathers and stores a large quantity of data from many different sources (internal applications, website, collaborative portal, social networks, provider’s web service…).

New challenges of an economy that is more digitalised than ever before

If you do not process, consolidate and rationalise your data, it will be impossible for you to extract the potential that would allow you to make it the main lever of success of your business.

Make your data speak in order to gather its intelligence!

AINOS offers solutions that will help you manage your data and the data surrounding your environment, in order for it to become the pillar of your decisional information system.

Why choose a data intelligence solution

This type of solution offers many advantages, with an interesting ROI:

  • Faster and improved decision-making
  • Optimised internal processes
  • More exploitation efficiency
  • New revenue generated
  • Discovery of competition advantages

All of these advantages will help you make full use of your data and monetise it in order to optimise its performance.

Our solutions

We implement multiple solutions to produce intelligence from your data.

Depending on your needs and purposes, we can implement customised solutions that are flexible and well-adjusted.

Ainos offers various solutions that can be implemented in close cooperation with your users.

Data management

Data management

In many digital transformation projects, data is the cornerstone of success. To successfully achieve an important market presence, it is important to have a solution that allows data cleaning, consolidation and standardisation. These different processing steps improve data quality and make it possible to produce a database that can be reused by many other applications and business processes.

Tools: Data Quality, Data Cleaning, Data Profiling, Master Data Management

Modern business intelligence

Modern business intelligence

The key to sustaining user interest is to capture and prolong their experience. We keep this approach in mind when we implement decisional solutions in order to achieve an overview of your activity and thus allow you to gain a better understanding of the market and be more reactive to changes.
The reports and intelligence panels generated will help you pilot your day-to-day activity.

Tools: Microsoft SQL Server Suite (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), data-oriented Microsoft Azure services (Data Factory, SQL Database, SQL Datawarehouse, Analysis Services, …), ETL, semantic layer, Reporting, Ad-Hoc, Staging, ODS, Datawarehouse, OLAP, KPI.

Self-Service BI

Self-Service BI

After a long period in which they lacked autonomy to fulfil their needs, users nowadays are benefitting from technological progress that allows them to maintain a certain degree of freedom in the analysis of their business. Our self-service BI solutions thus make it possible to further empower the final users.

In conjunction with a modern BI solution, they make it possible to fulfil precise and occasional data analysis needs with easier access to the data.

Tools: Microsoft Power BI (Cloud, Hybrid BI, On-Premise), Datavisualisation, Dashboarding, End-User, Analytics

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is present in the main services that we consume in our everyday lives. Machine learning (see AI section) consists of using sophisticated algorithms that make it possible, based on an analysis of past and current data, to formulate predictive hypotheses about future events.

This type of solution thus makes it possible to anticipate certain key aspects of your business and try to keep ahead of your market.

Tools: Azure Machine Learning, Algorithms, Scoring.

Starting work with AINOS

Starting work with AINOS is to choose solutions (on-premise, cloud or hybrid) that will allow you to face and overcome the challenges in terms of data that arise from an ever-increasing digitalisation. You will thus be able to capitalise on the potential of your data, at the service of your business.