Testing & software quality

Quality is not a purpose in its own right, it is a continuous process that makes it possible to maximise the acceptance of the product by the users. We offer our expertise throughout the entire quality chain, from the implementation of continuous integration environments to the definition and execution of testing plans or the implementation of automatic test tools.

The entry point of the quality chain is the capacity to provide a packaged version of the solution at all times. This package can then be submitted to the different validation steps in order to potentially pass into production. These build processes are essential, and our experts will provide you with the most efficient strategy to fulfil your quality requirements.

We use the quality monitoring tools of our solutions such as SonarQube, and we guarantee the code quality with StyleCop.

We implement solutions such as MSBuild, Visual Studio Online or TFS Build to provide the packages sent to through the quality chain.

Once the package is available and the test cases are defined, we offer two different types of solution:

User feedback is the second determinig factor for the success of a project. We provide simple principles and tools (ex. Feedback Client) to gather the user feedback in a centralised way and incorporate it in the development cycle.