Quality is not an end in itself, it is an ongoing process where product acceptance by users is maximized. We provide you with our expertise throughout the quality chain, from setting up continuous integration environments to specifying and running test plans, and incorporating automatic testing tools.

The quality chain entry point is our ability to provide you with a packaged version of the solution at any time. This package can be subsequently used for the various validation phases and be potentially upgraded for release. These build processes are indispensable and our experts will propose to you the strategy that is the most optimally efficient for meeting quality requirements.

Once the package becomes available, and test cases have been specified, we propose two types of solutions:

Une fois le package disponible, et les cas de tests définis, nous offrons deux types de solutions :
• Testing support tools for testers (e.g. Microsoft Test Manager)
• Automatic testing tools (TestComplete, Selenium, Coded UI Tests, etc.)

User feedback is the second most decisive factor in ensuring project success. We focus on easy-to-use principles and tools (e.g. Feedback Client) to collect user feedback centrally and incorporate it in the development cycle.