Ainos addresses your mobility requirements and proposes solutions that can be adapted to all your screens (web browser, Windows desktop, tablets, telephones, and a wide range of other platforms thanks to the use of Xamarin) and to all your forms of interaction (touch-screen, voice control, visual control, etc.).

We design your mobile applications hand-in-hand with you by implementing several phases:
• Analysing needs
• Developing models (wireframes & mock-ups)
• Architecture
• Developing native applications
• Presenting the finished project

Ainos experts work with Universal Apps and Xamarin technologies.
A universal Windows application is based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Windows Apps offer users the possibility to use the most practical and/or most productive device available for the task at hand (telephone, tablet or IoT-embedded equipment).
The source code is exclusive between all the devices and requires little change. The advantage of this is to be able to cross-platform develop the application without specifically redeveloping a version for a given platform.