Ainos, created at the end of 2015, is a dynamic, enterprising business comprising experts who are well-known and acknowledged on the market for their skills in their respective fields. Application Lifecycle Management, Mobility, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, .NET. We specialize in bespoke software solutions and in developing processes to maximize and optimize their potential.
We are dedicated to accompanying and to guiding you, from the moment your needs arise through to the completion, rollout and final follow-through of your project. Our across-the-board expertise ensures that we can address all your application project expectations fully.
Through our partnership with Elgon, we offer training on leading-edge technologies and we ensure knowledge and skills transfer at the end of every completed project.
We place great emphasis on transparency as we value long-lasting relationships of trust and win-win collaboration.

Our Values
Innovation : Driven by our long-term vision, our teams assess and analyse the latest technologies to single out the ones that will provide optimal value for our developments and accomplishments.
Flexibility : we tailor each of our initiatives to your requirements. We know precisely how to choose the best solution to fulfil your expectations whilst invariably addressing your priorities.
Commitment : we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you reach your goals. We provide you with our in-depth skills and expertise to ensure your projects are successful.