Cloud Applications

Today’s business infrastructures occasionally find it difficult to adapt to the ever-so rapid market and user changes. It is vital for IT departments to respond effectively to ever-changing situations. By implementing application infrastructures in the Cloud, businesses can maximize their productivity by anticipating needs and by responding instantly to change.

Cloud services also offer the advantage of better cost management as offers can be rapidly adapted to demands. It is no longer necessary to provision massive infrastructures in advance, you just need to respond rapidly when the use of a service rises or falls.

This flexibility is made possible by designing agile software solutions that can run smoothly on one server or on a thousand.

We provide you with our expertise in the field of highly-scalable, distributed applications.

Cloud Environments

The digitalization of the economy has democratized distributed work practices with teams spread throughout the world. Teams that are highly-connected and occasionally mobile need to be able work efficiently in a wide range of working conditions.

By making development/testing infrastructures available in the Cloud, every member of a team is ensured immediate, secure and highly-available access to an all-inclusive environment. Based on a simple Internet connection, contributors have permanent access via their workstations wherever they are located.

We design, implement and migrate complete working environments and provide a clear picture of costs, high availability and information security.